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Strategies for preparation of UPSC IAS 2020

Strategies for preparation of UPSC IAS 2020

The Indian Civil Services is the backbone of our country & carries huge respect and responsibilities. This is the reason that despite attractive salaries & perks in corporates and MNC’s, young generation is still fascinated towards the IAS, PCS.

Getting selected into IAS isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work & a strong determination to crack this exam. Thus, only a few get selected. But, it doesn’t mean that you can not win the race. Don’t lose out, just now how to play the right game.


Here are some must-know strategies to crack IAS-2020 :


1. Master the fundamentals: Yes, this is probably the most important yet most ignored point. To get your fundamentals right, you should master the NCERT books . Once basic is done, you can take the reference of other books.


2. Set the realistic Goal: Preparations for civil service can not be done overnight. It demands one and a half years of right preparation approach with immense and solid determination. Thus, set this clear in your mind and take the right approach towards your goal.


3. Dont afraid to work hard: Keep in your mind that there is no short cut to success. So, never afraid of working hard as Hard work never gets unrewarded. So, keep going.


4. Must take the knowledge from other sources: We are living in a world of information and when you are preparing for UPSC, it is mandatory to take knowledge from everywhere. It is recommended for a UPSC aspirant to read the newspapers The Hindu & Indian Express daily. You can also read famous magazines India today, Yojana, etc to update current affairs.


5. Write more: To crack IAS -2020 exam, one must practice writing more and more. Initially, maybe you will not get the desired answer but with the regular practice & proper analysis, you will be a skillful writer.


6. Go through the previous IAS exam papers: Do a detailed and proper study of previous year question papers as they will help you in getting the nerve of the exam.


7. Join some reputed test series or coaching: We are not saying that you can not clear the exam by self-study but this is also true that proper guidance can make you through faster. If you can join any renowned coaching, just go for it or else, at least join some online test series to analyze your preparations.

Join our online IAS Test Series: https://divinetestseries.com/course/ias-test-series/

Join our IAS Academy in Chandigarh, Ranchi: http://www.divineiasacademy.com/


8. Stay motivated, listen to the tips of the achievers: From the internet, or magazines listen or view the interviews of the achievers who have cracked the UPSC. This will help you to stay motivated as well as you will be able to get some ideas and tips from them.


9. Stay away from social media, smartphones: This is the most important point to remember and follow. As we are getting addicted to smartphones, youngsters are spending their time on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Believe it or not, it is not only killing your valuable time but also deviate you from achieving your target. So, Please ignore your phones while getting prepared for competitive exams yet a limited and intelligent use of this might help you to pave the path of your success.


I hope, these tips and strategies will; help you in achieving your target.



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