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About Us

Welcome to DIVINE TEST SERIES website! Your success journey through the website will show you the people, the place and the role of DIVINE TEST SERIES plays in the world of civil service entrance examination. The DIVINE TEST SERIES idea is paved at Delhi and work towards one goal of DIVINE TEST SERIES i.e., your success is our victory, which become the tag line of this institute. Our efforts make you special and in the process, we launched a test series program to all aspirants’ who preparing for civil service examination. You can visit through the website periodically to know about our future plan. For now, we invite you to join DTSPPTS 2018.


  • The goal of DTSPPTS 2018 is to ensure that students cover the full syllabus at least three times before the Prelims.


  • Covering the entire syllabus via the Test Series in a disciplined manner before Prelims.
  • We have broken the entire syllabus into parts that can be covered in a week.
  • After a week, candidates can appear for a Test on the topics
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